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What do
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The DOTRANS s.r.o. company was established in 2011 by transformation from a natural person. From the very beginning, our company has been engaged in transport activities and, with increasing clients, also forwarding activities.

The advantage of our company is a responsible approach towards the client, a quality fleet and maximum effort to meet the conditions of transport. Our standart carrier insurance is in the amount of CZK 7 million. We also have a hood insurance for German transport.

We currently specialize in shipments across the European Union with a significant stake in Scandinavia. We travel to the Nordic countries all year round. Our vehicles are equipped with suitable tires and are outfitted with Norwegian winter gear.

Most of the fleet are Scania tractors and MEGA semi-trailers, equipped with ADR equipment.

Express shipments throughout Europe up to 1 ton. Loading area up to 9 pallets.


Loading area up to 34 pallets, tonnage 24 tons. Mega trailers with ADR equipment, vehicles under GPS supervision.


Loading area up to 18 pallets, tonnage 4.5 tons. Vehicles equipped with a hydraulic front and GPS surveillance, ADR transport possible.


What do we

The transport options that you can order from us are endless. We specialize primarily in the transportation of high-volume items across the European Union. We currently transport:

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