What do we offer?

We specialize in the transportation of goods throughout the European Union. Each order is approached with responsibility and an effort to meet the conditions of transport.

We currently transport furniture, fertilizer, liquids and chipboard.


Most of our trips end in Germany or the Benelux countries. We also specialize in year-round transport to the Scandinavian countries. Our vehicles have suitable tires and Norwegian mandatory equipment.

Why us?

Thanks to many years of experience in the field of international transport, you can rely on the fast and carefree transport of your goods.

All our cars are connected to an online satellite system, which allows tracking throughout the transport.

At your request, we will carry out the transport of dangerous goods and substances falling into the ADR category. Furthermore, Dotrans holds a URS certificate guaranteeing the quality of transport.

What do we

The transport options that you can order from us are endless. We specialize primarily in the transportation of high-volume items across the European Union. We currently transport:

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